When I was at school I had no real interest in PE or English. I WAS going to be a rock star in a Metal band. I certainly had the right hair and attitude...

My favourite subjects were music and art. I didn't really understand either of them, but it seemed easy. I liked science too, for the off chance that there might be an explosion.

I was the sort of child who sorted the lego blocks by colour before starting to build with them. I was the same with coloured sweets, sorted into piles, then eaten colour by colour from my least favourite to the best ones. I had an eye for detail in woodwork and made sure everything fitted perfectly. I won a competition in class to make a "robot" that could jump. It landed on the school roof... I used to love taking things apart to see how they worked. 90% of the time, I would try to put them back together and they would never work again, unless it was lego or meccano. 

Everything changed when I went to college and picked up a camera instead of doing graphics.

I was lucky enough to assist some amazing photographers working over different disciplines when I started out. But it was the challenge of making the mundane look beautiful that got me hooked on still life.

My names Edward Edd and I'm perfectly suited to photography and producing the images you want.




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